"Deborah is an amazing workshop leader! Her generosity and accessible approach puts everyone at ease as she imparts knowledge that might, in other settings, feel impossible to navigate. Deborah’s expertise and experience lend itself to real tools that can be shared and applied to build an audience and make important connections for authors and others seeking to spread ideas."



Author Platform: How to Raise A Book

Writers of works published or in progress will explore social media techniques, print options, and other best practices to influence, educate, and inspire an ever-growing audience—including editors and agents seeking “proof” that a writer will be read. Deborah Siegel, PhD, an author, blogger, journalist, and TEDx speaker who has tested the waters of platform-building firsthand, will guide participants to change the way they think about platform by showing how a writer’s public platform can organically and authentically unfold.

TEDx for Beginners

Deborah Siegel shares insider tips and strategies for writers who wish to tell a story—an idea worth spreading—on a TEDx stage. A TEDx speaker who also coaches others, Deborah answers the questions aspiring TEDx speakers frequently have and demystifies the process, from conception to application.

Refresh Your Writing Life

Maybe you’re a novelist who dreams of starting a blog. Maybe you’re a journalist with an idea for a memoir. Maybe you’re a social scientist who longs to write creative nonfiction. Or maybe you just want to start writing again and don’t yet know the form. For many of us trying to tackle our next project or a new genre, our greatest obstacle is time. Whether you’re at the idea stage or further along, Deborah gives you tools to rejuvenate, restart, and repurpose your writing life. She shares strategies for starting again (and again) and offers concrete exercises designed to inspire and restore.

Writing Parenthood, Parenting Writerhood

In the spirit of investigative provocation, we’ll explore the tensions inherent in the writing/parenting life. Is there an expiration date after which our children’s lives become off limits to us as writers, or is it a writer’s duty to convey life as it is, no matter what? When and how do our responsibility to our children and our responsibility to readers collide? How do we find the time? We’ll generate some on-the-spot writing around these conundrums, discuss the differences between writing for self and for publication, and address ways of writing that break through in a crowded writing marketplace.



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