Sisterhood, Interrupted: From Radical Women to Grrls Gone Wild

Older and younger feminists are often depicted at odds, with elder feminists cast as relics of a bygone era and younger feminists portrayed as unaware and ungrateful of the work their mothers did. In fact, as Deborah Siegel points out in this book, younger women are not abandoning the movement, but reinventing it. With a vengeance….SISTERHOOD, INTERRUPTED is a history of feminism from the so-called bra burners to the bloggers and a compelling protest that the generations are more alike than they are different.

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Forward by Jennifer Baumgardner

“[M]ost serious…and satisfying.” – Library Journal starred review

“A very good book about how modern feminism has fared across the generational divide. It’s a helluva yarn.” – New York Observer

“Authoritative, informative, and fast-moving.” -Mothers Movement Online

“Sisterhood Interrupted is the kind of book that will draw them all in, not just because it is ripe with controversy, but because it provides historical context for contemporary infighting: the overblown mommy wars, raunch feminists and their older, horrified detractors, and bloggers virtually ripping one another apart.” -AlterNet

“Siegel surveys many instances of ‘feminist infighting’ over the last 30-odd years–wherein much energy has been spent debating how to achieve feminist goals as opposed to actively fomenting change–and explores the disconnect between older and younger feminists….The book’s singular focus on feuds presents an opportunity to revisit these happenings within the context of the movement–to see how the bickering often stalled forward progression and to learn from that.” - BUST

“With a readable, engaging style, Siegel takes feminist history, the good, the bad, and the vicious, and tells us what happened and why we should care. Her very careful, nuanced, play-by-play account of the early years and struggles of the second wave feminist movement, as well as documentation of the third wave’s origins and modern incarnations, is vital in an era when women are constantly pitted against each other, whether it’s young vs. old, stay at home moms vs. working moms, feminists vs. non-feminists, etc. Siegel doesn’t shy away from the truly bitter divides that cropped up in the second wave. . . and in doing so brings needed attention to the causes women were and are fighting for.” - Lusty Lady

“Exploring not only the generational divide but also ideological divergence between contemporary feminists–Steinem and Friedan, Paglia and Faludi–this volume is a brief but compelling introduction to the varied permutations of feminism in the United States. . . . Siegel packs substantial material into 170 pages, and the result is a succinct history perfect for introductory college courses or for women wanting to learn more about various permutations of feminism. In revisiting its history, Siegel reclaims ‘the f-word’ and invites her readers to do so along with her.” - On Campus with Women

“Sisterhood, Interrupted is a crash course in feminist history. Siegel’s refreshing and contemporary approach makes history relevant for our future progress. With wit and what reads like an insider’s perspective, Siegel illuminates how past controversies will be future successes.” -Amy Richards, co-author, Manifesta and Opting In

“Read Sisterhood, Interrupted and you will have an inside look at a movement born out of earnestness and hope–one filled with the intrigues of strategizing, contesting, connecting, and questioning. Siegel’s well written and researched book draws you into the passions, continuing relevance, and persistent inequalities that drive 21st century feminism. You won’t look at the feminist movement in the same way again.” -Linda Basch, former President, National Council for Research on Women

“Sisterhood, Interrupted offers an informed and sympathetic perspective on the second wave that will help younger readers understand what it was like to be part of a movement that planned to change the world. Siegel’s framing of contemporary feminism will shape future conversations. I couldn’t put the book down.” -Alison Piepmeier, co-editor of Catching a Wave

“Deborah Siegel has her finger on the pulse of one of the main issues concerning women today: generational infighting around the unfinished business of feminism. It’s an issue that concerns everyone–whether or not they use the f-word.” -Catherine Orenstein, author of Little Red Riding Hood Uncloaked and Founder/CEO of The OpEd Project

“Deborah Siegel’s lively, optimistic account of feminism from the 1960s to the present underlines by its own example that the movement is still needed and can even be fun. In addition, as this is a book that shines a bright light on the recent past, readers will learn how their own notions of feminism have been shaped by reading this volume.” -Alissa Quart, author of Branded and Hothouse Kids

“Effectively captures the passion and politics that have shaped contemporary feminism. Siegel shows us that the feminist movement is indeed alive and well, or it would not inspire so much fierce debate.” -Allison Kimmich, Executive Director, National Women’s Studies Association


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