Voice changes everything.

“I believe in the power of women's voices to change lives...."
I wrote those words in my first high school term paper. I’ve since found that the lives our words change include our own.
My work as a writer and thinker is to bridge research and reality, connect mind with heart, and play with form.
My work as a coach is to help others (women and men) bring forth their best public selves in the service of their freshest ideas.
I believe in the power of voice and story to change the world.
Join me in finding, and amplifying, yours.




EVENTS and HAPPENINGS featuring women with mojo, message, and mission, hosted by Deborah Siegel, Founder and Coach-in-Chief of Girl Meets Voice, Inc. Click here to see what’s coming up next.

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For those in my orbit seeking a creative launch or deep dive, the GMV Retreat Program offers a customized series of private writing retreats, with follow up coaching sessions in between. Whether you’re in the middle of your creative endeavor or just dreaming about it now, you’ll be guided through brainstorms, discussions, and writing exercises designed to help you launch, deepen, and sustain your creative project over a designated period of time. Out-of-towners stay at the gorgeously restored Stone Porch or Stone Terrace B&Bs, located on Lake Michigan’s shore. Email me for details.


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